SmashCut Visual Synth 1.1

SmashCut is an iOS (and Apple Silicon) app to rearrange and transform video. It takes a bit of an unusual approach; rather than using a cut-and-splice method you might see in a conventional video editors, the app is closer to an audio sampler. The video below should give you an overview.

The app is available now in the iTunes store. There's an in-app purchase to remove the watermark (free until the end of August!). To remove the watermark, tap on it -- this will open a screen where you'll have access to the iTunes store.
Load in a video from your camera roll, and then set some cue points to the start of different sections. The cue points can be triggered with a note from a MIDI keyboard (or sequencer), or using the built-in remote control.
Set the video to play, and you can jump from one segment to the next instantly. You can also adjust the speed of playback, change the volume level, or rotate, scale, and shift the image. All of this can be done with MIDI -- so you could build a complex sequence of video clips with any number of MIDI apps.
The app is useful for pod casting as well. If you have a set of video segments you'd like to include, load a video into SmashCut, and then set the cue points. As you create the podcast, you can easily jump to any video location you like.
The MIDI controls are as follows. MIDI CC messages are used to control video display. Program change messages can switch between videos. Set the program number on the video information tab.
Cue points are unique to each video. To set a cue point at a specific video frame, you can scrub back and forth on the video by touching and sliding on the lower quarter of the screen. Touches above the lower quarter will raise or lower the control dialog.
The app includes a built-in controller that can send MIDI (in case you want to record actions in a MIDI sequencer), or communicate to the app on another device using WiFi.